Leading fashion trends

Our core expertise of textile production and processing enables us to fulfil the most demanding of technical requirements. Which is why a whole range of top brands from Germany and Europe as well as various medium-sized enterprises already trust us when it comes to the production of classical ready-to-wear clothing and casual sportswear.


Whether we cut, sew, embroider, print or wash, we always fulfil the ISO 9001 standard. And to ensure that we continue to meet customer requirements in the years to come, we are continually expanding our capacity and keep in close contact with all our production sites.

Putting a spring in your step

Our processes are ISO-certified and cover every step in the manufacturing process from precise cuts to reliable seams and permanent bonding of uppers and soles. Here too we can rely on our many years of experience and know-how.

Dresscode by Prevent clothing and footwear for business women and men is a reflection of quality, expertise and leading fashion trends.

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